Camp Foster

Camp Foster

Bedford, NH

Camp Foster gives kids from the city of Manchester the opportunity to spend their summer months at camp in a rural section of Bedford. As a part of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester, kids are bussed from the club’s downtown Manchester site to the Camp Foster site in Bedford each day, where they are able to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities.

Harvey worked with the Boys & Girls of Manchester to develop a new and improved camp for the kids. Renovations at the camp included updated activity cabins, large open-space pavilions, a new performing arts center, a pool house, and more. Harvey Construction also developed an upgraded main gathering spot for the kids and staff members – the new Stebbins Family Hall, which features a fireplace and large sliding doors.

The 20-acre camp property also includes a baseball field, basketball courts, a playground and a large swimming pool. Camp Foster had its last major renovations over seventy-five years ago in 1941, so the improvements were much-needed.

During the construction phase, Harvey worked with Lavallee Brensinger Architects, Longchamps Electric Inc., Fuss and O’Neill, and Paradigm Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.

This is not the first project that Harvey and Lavallee Brensinger have done for the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester. In 2010, the Club’s Union Street site was redeveloped by the Harvey and Lavallee Brensinger teams, and they are currently working together on additional renovations to make the space even more accessible for kids.

The new Camp Foster was unveiled in June 2019 as part of the Boys & Girls Club of Manchester’s More Kids, Brighter Futures capital campaign. This campaign will allow the Club to serve even more kids from the Greater Manchester area for years to come.


Design Team: Lavallee Brensinger

Completion Date: June 2019