Concord Hospital

Concord Hospital

Concord, NH

Harvey has served as the Construction Manager for a number of projects at Concord Hospital in recent years. The first of the projects was a central heating plant that was completed on the hospital campus in the summer of 2014. The central heating plant was a new feature for the hospital.

Harvey continued its partnership with Concord Hospital, with the construction of a new parking garage. Harvey worked with Lavallee Brensinger on the five-story garage which was replacing a one-story parking facility. Completed in the summer of 2017, the new M-Lot parking garage has capacity for six-hundred vehicles.

During the time of the parking garage construction, Harvey took on multiple interior projects for the hospital. These included renovations to the hospital’s sixth floor nursing station, development of an emergency room exhaust stack, memorial steam conversion, and additional utility relocations.

Upon completion of the parking garage and interior hospital projects, Harvey began planning for the construction of a new medical office building in 2019. The 150,000 square foot building is currently under construction, and once complete, it will contain four floors for office personnel and exam rooms for minor procedures.

The new medical office building will include Concord Orthopedics Professional Association’s (COPA) practice. COPA will move into the main floor of the new medical office building, while the lower floor will occupy Concord Hospital’s cardiology department and personnel offices. The middle floor will include departments for oncology, urology, pelvic medicine, and behavioral health, and it will also include ultrasound rooms. Finally, the top floor will include an additional behavioral health department, eye medicine department, and additional exam rooms.

Throughout construction on all of the projects, Harvey faced many of the challenges that are typically prevalent in healthcare projects including vibration issues, noise issues, and avoiding disruption in a medical area where patients are currently being served.

In addition to the new medical office building, Harvey is currently working on behavioral health centers and emergency room garage repairs for Concord Hospital.


Aerial photos courtesy of Don Himsel.


Completion Date: August 2017