Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua

Dartmouth Hitchcock Nashua

Nashua, NH

Harvey has provided Dartmouth-Hitchcock with conceptual planning services; pre-construction phase services; and construction management relative to their new 5-story medical office building in Nashua. In order to provide the most efficient and effective health care delivery for their patients, the decision was made to develop 22-acres and build a new facility that would consolidate services of the existing Dartmouth-Hitchcock Nashua practices including the East, West and Squires Centers. The new facility will allow for the development and growth of specialty services in the Nashua community.

To ensure a December 2011 project completion, Dartmouth-Hitchcock, Harvey and the design team agreed to a contract based on Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) principles. The Clinic benefited from assembling the project team early in the conceptual phase since cost, schedule and pre-construction assignments were controlled from the very beginning ensuring that schedules were met without jeopardizing quality or cost. By committing to IPD each firm committed to teamwork, problem-solving and consensus decision-making in an effort to expedite design and construction.

Harvey began extensive site planning, infrastructure work, excavation and foundation installation prior to construction documents being 100% complete. Estimating teams developed early bid packages to procure certain trades early in the design process allowing for detailed design to continue without waiting for final construction documents. Throughout pre-construction experts from Harvey collaborated with designers, engineers and Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s representatives to proactively manage design schedules, permitting, approvals, submittals and subcontracting. As a result the original budget, which was established on conceptual thoughts, was controlled and an approved guaranteed maximum price has been established.


Design Team: Morris Switzer

Completion Date: December 2011