FAA - TRACON Facility

FAA – TRACON Facility

Merrimack, NH

In May 2001 the Federal Aviation Authority contracted with Harvey to construct a new office building and radar tracking station in Merrimack, NH. The facility was a critical element to the FAA’s strategic plan allowing the administration to transition regional traffic control to a central facility.

Harvey implemented a local subcontracting plan to ensure the project was delivered on time and under budget. As a leading contractor in southern New Hampshire, Harvey leveraged long standing local market relations to protect the FAA’s construction budget. Harvey’s management team has delivered a project under budget by utilizing a proven procurement strategy and 100% NH trade resources.

The tracking station exhibits the latest in high technology. The Harvey team worked closely with FAA technicians to coordinate and establish a state-of-the-art info-structure throughout the facility in preparation for the sophisticated equipment to be installed in the building.


Design Team: FAA

Completion Date: October 2002