Falmouth Elementary School

Falmouth Elementary School

Falmouth, ME

The Town of Falmouth approved construction of a new elementary school after years of considering multiple options for educating the K-5 population The final conclusion was that building a new school that was co-located with the middle school and high school provided the greatest benefit to the educational process. In addition to educational efficiencies a combined site would offer new found synergies among the entire educational community; infrastructure would be improved; and existing elementary school operations would not have to be relocated during construction (if the decision was to expand and renovate the existing elementary school site). The plan for a new school at the middle school-high school site was approved and Harvey was awarded the construction contract at the end of October 2009.

The new 140,000 square foot elementary school was designed by Oak Point Associates. The designer’s plan for the District began with low-impact development strategies which Harvey installed – bioretention basins, grassed soil filters, porous asphalt pavement, vegetated roofs, and rainwater harvesting for flush fixtures. The integration of renewable energy sources, including solar, geothermal, and biomass, further reduced the facility’s environmental impact.

When construction was completed Falmouth students and staff were provided with a healthy interior that featured extensive views, low-VOC finishes, excellent ventilation, finishes which were inspired by nature and effective learning technologies. The interior finishes include irregularly placed cedar on the lofty entry ceiling and rolling wave patterns in the cafeteria. The 72 classrooms which were constructed were outfitted with Wi-Fi, LCD projectors, document cameras, and sound amplifying systems. During everyday lessons, students and teachers utilize portable iPads and laptops, which can easily be brought to the green roof “classroom”. This roof garden features decks, benches, and a variety of local plants, offerings unique and engaging learning environment.

All construction was completed on time, with the highest level of quality and under the projected budget.


Design Team: Oak Point Associates

Completion Date: July 2011