Garrison Elementary School

Garrison Elementary School

Harvey was selected by the Dover School District as the construction manager for a major renovation project at Garrison Elementary School. As is the case in most education-based projects, construction took place in an occupied school, so the project had to be completed in multiple phases.

During the months when school was in session, three of the classroom wings within the building were renovated. When construction in the classroom wings first began, Harvey took over the school’s gymnasium to create eight temporary classrooms. This allowed the construction team to move classrooms out of their current wings in order to begin renovations. This also allowed the district to avoid the very costly fee of renting temporary classroom trailers.

Harvey made the most out of the summer months when students were not in school to renovate the common areas of the building. These areas included the cafeteria, the administrative area, and the majority of the hallways throughout the school. The building’s boiler room was also renovated during the summer.

One of the major focuses of the project was to implement more safety features into the school. The renovation incorporated all new classroom doors with high security locks, new security cameras, and a new entrance with card access. The added safety features were an extremely important feature of the renovation, one that the district would not do without.

Garrison Elementary School was a special project for our team, because Harvey was the general contractor for the original school building, which was completed over fifty-five years ago in 1963. Harvey worked with Harriman Architects + Engineers, Oliver Mechanical Inc., Aubin Woodworking, Academy Roofing Corporation, Capital Tile & Marble Co. and more on this great project.


Photos courtesy of Blind Dog Photo Associates.


Design Team: Harriman Architects + Engineers

Completion Date: June 2019