Merrimack County Nursing Home

Merrimack County Nursing Home

Merrimack, NH

In conjunction with representatives of Merrimack County deciding that it was time to replace the 150-year old building that housed 300 residents, Harvey was contracted by the County to construct a new replacement nursing home and renovate the existing structure in Boscawen, NH. The new building would be an example of how elder care could be managed in a more comfortable, home-like environment.

In the pre-construction phase, Harvey worked closely with architects, engineers and energy consultants to develop a plan to expedite the development. Critical to the plan were sustainable construction techniques which enhanced the project: a construction waste management plan; reused, salvaged and recycled materials; minimizing waste to landfills; separation of waste in designated containers; and use of low VOC materials including paints and carpet. in addition, a critical aspect of the energy system for the campus involved sixteen geothermal wells. The building is heated and cooled with geothermal technology which will reduce operational energy costs.

The nursing home is equipped to care for residents with dementia, kidney failure, joint replacements and other conditions which were once rare to the aging community. Caregivers work in an architecturally pleasing environment featuring glassed-in roof peaks, open atriums and family-style kitchen which exude an alpine-lodge feel. Hallways are wide enough for wheelchairs and medical carts to pass comfortably, rooms include storage closets for walkers and other equipment, and each floor includes additional space for therapy and family meetings.


Design Team: Warrenstreet Architects

Completion Date: March 2008