University of New Hampshire - Randall Hall

UNH – Randall Hall

Durham, NH

The University of New Hampshire competitively bid the contract to expand and renovate the University’s new housing offices within Randall Hall. As the most responsible and competitive bidder, Harvey was awarded the contract. The new 10,000 square foot addition, located adjacent to two significant academic buildings, forms a courtyard with Hitchcock Hall and serves as the main office space for the University’s Department of Housing. The new addition provides the department with efficient space that facilitates staff interaction and communication.

Prior to construction commencing Harvey worked closely with the housing department to ensure that student safety was addressed with all subcontractors and vendors working on the project. Pedestrian traffic and construction deliveries were carefully coordinated to eliminate all safety risks; and the building’s skin was expedited to quickly move construction activities from the busy quad to the interior of the building. Harvey’s efforts to contain construction activities, noise, dust and fumes contributed to a peaceful experience for the surrounding student body, faculty and staff throughout the project.

The Randall Hall project has contributed to the University’s goal of an energy efficient campus. Campus buildings earn Energy Star recognition by implementing energy conservation in new building systems. Randall Hall is one of five new buildings on the University campus receiving Energy Star recognition as a result of less expensive energy costs and reduction of harmful air pollution, including greenhouse gases. Harvey helped UNH achieve energy efficiencies on the project by installing energy-smart lighting and revamping building control systems in the project. Buildings earn Energy Star status based on the EPA’s energy performance rating system; to receive the distinction buildings must score a 75 or better based on actual energy use, and also meeting industry standards for comfort and indoor air quality. After improvements were completed by Harvey, Randall Hall successfully scored a 92 on the rating system.


Additional projects at the University of New Hampshire include DeMeritt Hall and the Southeast Residence Complex.


Design Team: Warrenstreet Architects

Completion Date: March 2007