Rivier University - Regina Library

Rivier University – Regina Library

Nashua, NH

Rivier University recognized the need for an upgraded library facility and a center for campus activities. To fully appreciate the scope of the University’s vision for a new library, the Building Committee felt the need to quickly assess probable costs associated with making the existing library code compliant and creating additional space for expanded programs. The University contracted with Harvey to provide cost consulting services to the Building Committee. Harvey developed a design and construction plan that balanced costs to address code compliance issues with desired new gathering space. The cost analysis efforts, led by Harvey, provided the Committee with the confidence they needed to move the project toward construction.

Harvey, CMK Architects and the library staff carefully developed a plan for design and construction involving students, faculty, staff, and the library team in the process. A critical goal developed by the team was to ensure the addition incorporated flexible space – that not be enclosed by walls. The proposed 11,513 square foot addition achieved this goal by expanding academic gathering places, group study space and by adding a cyber cafe, and electronic classrooms. The renovation plan also created open space within the existing library, addressed code issues and improved handicapped accessibility.

The new space also represented a change in the library’s operational philosophy by embracing technology, making materials accessible by internet, developing gathering spaces for students to study in groups, and opening the library to be used as a learning environment.

After construction on Regina Library┬áhad commenced and a guaranteed maximum price was established, the team was challenged by unexpected utility upgrades and public street improvements. Storm water, natural gas lines and sewer connections needed replacement in order for the expanded building and whole campus, to operate at its capacity. In addition, pavement resurfacing was required once utility work was completed. Harvey led the University’s negotiation efforts with the City and the local gas company resulting in minimized cost impacts to the University’s project budget as well as completion of all required work without compromising the original construction schedule.


Design Team: CMK Architects

Completion Date: May 2008