University of New Hampshire - Southeast Residence Complex

Southeast Residence Complex

Durham, NH

The University System of New Hampshire called Harvey Construction when it decided to significantly increase available housing for upperclassmen, graduates and married housing at the UNH-Durham campus, with which it had previously worked on several successful construction projects. UNH ambitiously plans to increase its inventory of suite style and traditional style housing by 200 units, which will provide new beds for 730 people by August of 2008.

The first step in the process was for Harvey to demolish nine existing two-story buildings which stood on the over 1,000 acre campus. Once the buildings were razed, it began constructing two of three five-story residential, Southeast Residence Complex, buildings in their place. To facilitate the construction process, Harvey has broken it up into two phases. Phase I, which is scheduled for an August completion date, entails the construction of Buildings A (75,000 square feet) and B (52,000 square feet). Phase II will entail the construction of Building C (64,000 square feet).

Throughout the project to date, Harvey has encountered and overcome many challenges. One was getting materials to the Phase I site, which is situated between working railroad tracks and a small residential community. Harvey has had to strategically plan and coordinate deliveries in order to keep the project on schedule. Another was ensuring the safety of students and campus visitors. Harvey worked closely with UNH to develop a site safety plan, which required rerouting traffic flow, building fences around the site and arranging for heavy equipment to be escorted.

Harvey enclosed Buildings A and B within just seven and a half months, which has helped UNH avoid costly heating expenses during the winter months. Both buildings were completed by the summer 2007 deadline; and Phase II in underway for a summer 2008 completion.


Design Team: JSA, Inc.

Completion Date: July 2008