Project Accounting

At Harvey, we manage the financial aspect of a construction project, from pre-construction, through to handing over the keys. We focus on both the day-to-day aspects of the finances as well as the big picture, providing monthly reports and analyses of the progress of the project. This management service covers everything from staffing and general conditions, to insurance and bonding, to subcontractors. Harvey has an in-house team to manage payables, receivables, contracts and lien wavers as well as any unforeseen financial issues that may arise. Our team uses Sage Timberline Office, a construction industry operations and accounting package that can link every facet of the project, eliminate redundancies and expedite the flow of information. Our customized accounting system integrates all project cost elements into real-time access and simplifies project control. Further, our reporting is designed to meet client requirements and can be streamlined or expanded to meet any need.

Sage Timberline allows our team to track multiple divisions, subcontracts, and funding mechanisms. Our cost control system can analyze each subcontract independently, or summarize the whole project. In addition, the system allows for instant access to current information both in the office and in the field. From payroll and job costing, to receivables and cash flow, our construction accounting software automatically tracks all critical project cost information.