We believe in the “Harvey Culture.” For us, this means a company atmosphere that fosters integrity, passion and teamwork. We value our team members for their knowledge, skill, experience, dedication and ethics not just on the job, but in the communities where we live and work. Clients, architects, consultants and business partners have long admired and trusted our team, citing the spirit of cooperation and attention to detail the company brings to every project as evidence that we are true team players.

We share a passion for building – we get excited when challenging opportunities surface. This is what it means to work at Harvey.

People who have a passion for their work, want to work in a collaborative, team-based environment, and are looking for opportunities for advancement and growth are good candidates for a career at Harvey.

We are as selective about the people who work on our team as we are about the clients and projects we take on. Harvey offers a culture, philosophy and hands-on experience that will set you on a path to long term success and personal satisfaction.

For generations, Harvey has been one of the most respected construction companies in northern New England. We are admired not only for the many landmark structures we have built, but also for the work environment we offer our staff.

We are currently hiring for the following positions:

Please note that Harvey Construction is located in Bedford, NH.