Construction Management

Harvey understands that major construction projects are complex and costly endeavors – big ticket expenses that represent enormous risk. To help mitigate the amount of risk, Harvey offers clients construction management services typically begin in the early stages of a project.

When we perform Construction Management at Risk services, we collaborate with the owner and the design team to develop the project, typically beginning at the concept stage. While the architectural team is doing their work, we work right alongside to determine what is in and out of budget, reducing uncertainty for the client. Because we are involved at the ground level, we can identify a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) to complete the projects.

With more than 200 projects successfully completed in the past decade, the schedules and cost estimates that we develop are based on real-world experience and credible market information. We are accustomed to leading an interactive and supportive team environment that results in effective planning and delivery of both the design and construction phases.


When we perform Construction Management as Owner’s Representative services, we act as an independent consultant with the owner’s best interest as our guiding principle. Some owners either don’t have the technical expertise to oversee the project, or aren’t able to manage the depth and breadth of a complex construction project. In this role, we monitor the project more than manage it and, most times, there is a Construction Manager at Risk on the project as well.

In this role, we may manage the architect, the CM at Risk, the engineers and subcontractors. We may also monitor the overall budget, the bidding process and play a Clerk of the Works type role.