Project Sourcing/Job Order Contracting

For a certain type of client, it makes more sense to have a company like Harvey on call for a period of time to handle projects of varying size and scope on an ongoing basis than to address projects one at a time. For these companies, we develop long-term partnerships to ensure continuing attention to the company’s real estate and physical assets. Sometimes, this arrangement is referred to as “preferred contractor.”

The clients for whom this is a good fit are companies with an assortment of real estate, which may include offices, industrial space and specialized spaces like data centers, call centers or trading rooms. Work can include maintenance projects, capital projects and preventative maintenance work to ensure that our clients’ staff have the optimal environments from which to conduct their business.

For this type of contract, Harvey will provide proposals for all manner of projects and move directly to the work phase, whether it’s a large project with a long timetable or a small project that needs to be completed right away. Harvey then provides the labor, materials, equipment and all other items necessary for the successful completion of projects.

One of our most enduring partnerships is with Anheuser-Busch, where we have been providing these services since the building was first opened in 1969.