Phillips Exeter Academy - Phillips Hall

Phillips Exeter Academy – Phillips Hall

Exeter, NH

Harvey was selected to renovate Phillips Hall (National Register of Historic Buildings) on the campus of Phillips Exeter Academy.  To address the buildings needed improvements, and ensure that the 40 classrooms it houses were available for the upcoming academic year, Harvey utilized advanced planning, and worked double shifts and Saturdays.

Full construction of the project began in June 2012 and focused on the building interior, underground infrastructure between Phillips Hall and Phelps Academy Center and the installation of 49 geothermal wells on the Academy Lawn. The renovation involved a complete modernization of the academic building with the full replacement of the heating, plumbing and electrical systems along with complete replacement of windows and roof.  The building was brought up to current codes including installation of an elevator, fire suppression system and new fire systems.  Classrooms were also equipped with permanent audio/visual capabilities.

By introducing new heating and electrical systems the Academy received a more energy efficient building.  The project also called for complete replacement of the original single pane windows with highly efficient double pane window; and the roof insulation was brought up to current building codes along with the installation of a sophisticated building control system to maintain the building set points along with monitoring energy use.

To heat and cool the building Harvey installed 49 geothermal wells.  The closed loop system, controlled from the Academy Building, is heated in the winter by the earth’s temperature is expected to improve efficiency by more than 30%, and the system produces minimal air pollution and no fossil fuels are burned in the process.


Other projects that Harvey developed for Phillips Exeter Academy include the William Boyce Thompson Field House, Phelps Stadium, and the George H. Love Gymnasium Pool.


Design Team: ARC

Completion Date: August 2012